That’s how the food obsession started in my family. 

My Father is a Racana, my Mother is a Marchetti. We were taught to roll meatballs from the moment our little fingers could swipe some warm water into our palms and start rolling. Pop Pop would put the ideal example meatball on a platter and we would start. Rejects or “clunkers” were unacceptable. A childhood spent putting fresh dough through the pasta machine and hung on drying racks, stuffing cannoli, baking biscotti and watching the sauce led to an all-encompassing appreciation of real food. I know there are many of us out there. It’s a never-ending drive to try something new, something delicious and then to learn what makes it so delicious. Our goal is to provide the best of what we’ve learned from generations of family as well as cutting-edge skills and secrets from the culinary world via our fabulous chefs, professionally trained at the best culinary schools.

We enjoy delivering fabulous food to you as well as teaching you how to make it for your family and friends. In today’s world, it can be a challenge to make time to research the most healthful foods for our families. Or, to learn new and exciting dishes to impress our guests. Either way, we are happy to provide food that makes you feel part of our family, or to provide recipes and skills that make you feel like you grew up this way, too. Our culinary talents extend far beyond Italian, of course, and we can’t wait to share with you!

- Marilee Fellinger

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